Neither the blockade, nor bad times, nor recycled pirates will bend Cuba

The US blockade of Cuba is like a gigantic wave that crashes against the powerful and symbolic Morro de La Habana, which has resisted the onslaught of bad times and pirate attacks since its construction in the 17th century, and remains firm there, as the people of the Caribbean nation do in defying the economic, commercial and financial war that Washington has imposed on it for 60 years.


A similar expression I published on my Twitter account a few hours ago, something simile, to remind and reiterate to the White House that with its absurd policy of encirclement and aggressions, you can never intimidate the largest of the Antilles.

Far from it, the current US administration that is being gained is a growing international isolation, and it is known by all that today President Donald Trump has few “friends”, and the few that remain are ill-treated.

The unprecedented aggressiveness of the Trump regime towards the world in general, and in particular towards Cuba, will surely receive another blunt guantazo, when on November 6 and 7 the next one is debated and put to the vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations (UNGA) another draft Resolution rejecting the blockade of Washington on the Caribbean Island.

For 28 consecutive occasion, USA will suffer the shame of defeat at the UNGA headquarters in New York because the international community is aware that the siege held by Cubans is illegal, cruel and unfair.

But, in addition, that bellicose and failed behavior of its northern neighbor affects not only the Caribbean nation and its inhabitants, but also the interests of many countries, and even more after the enforcement of the Helms-Burton Act, and its “Famed” chapter III, which exacerbate the blockade.

Of course, the White House and the Pentagon will make all kinds of macabre pressures and maneuvers, including the recent expulsion of two Cuban diplomats from New York, with the aim of preventing their augmented setback.

However, his old and well-known hoaxes will be of little use to him, because the reason is on the side of Cuba and the UN member states will again impose justice with their votes.

The representatives of Washington will be seated again on the bench of the accused, and their eventual pretexts to continue their war against the greater of the Antilles will crash into a fortress of dignity like the beautiful Morro de La Habana, the capital of all Cubans.

                                                                       Ambassador of Cuba in The Gambia.