Departing Senegal ambassador impressed with ‘new Gambia’

The Ambassador of Senegal to the Gambia, Saloum Ndiaye has extolled the historical relationship between Gambia and Senegal and made impressive appraisal about the country’s current conditions.

Mr. Saloum Ndiaye has come to the end of his tenure and was at State House on Wednesday, September 25th to bid His Excellency President Adama Barrow a farewell. He has served for five years.

Giving making an appraisal of the current dispensation, Ambassador Ndiaye highlighted many positive developments such as the freedom of expression, saying journalists are doing their work, many radios are operating and people are expressing their opinion in the street, restaurants and everywhere else. He noted that there are lot of changes happening in the country. “The government is constructing roads, bridges, electricity, and many other things and if Gambians continue to support President Adama Barrow, you will see a lot of development in the country”.

He reminded that President Sall supported the Gambia’s transition and mobilized other countries in the sub-region to support the government of President Barrow. “The Gambian voted resident Barrow to lead their country; that is why ECOWAS, AU and UN supported the government and President Macky Sall with the international community stood up firmly to make sure Gambians’ voices stood.


Talking about the close relations Ndiaye said when President Mack Sall became president in 2012 his first visit was the Gambia and that when President Adama Barrow became president of the Gambia, the relationship became even stronger. The two presidents said they would not sit until a problem happens between the two countries before they try to resolve. “As a result, they formed a council of presidents and every 12 months the two presidents meet and discuss the issues about the two countries; ranging from security, economy, trade and the peoples’ movement between the two countries”.

He then spoke about the hospitality, love, and peace in the Gambia and affirmed President Sall’s all-time support to The Gambia.

Ndiaye took the opportunity to express condolence to the family of the former President Sir DawdaJawara, saying they have high regard for the late statesman. This he noted is evident in the high-ranking delegation from Senegal that graced the funeral. He noted that former Senegalese presidents like AbdouJoof did work with late Sir DawdaJawara especially in the area of unification of Africa, as the confederation of Senegambia.

Further on the two countries' historical connection, the outgoing ambassador said when he travels to the Gambia he cannot differentiate nationalities of the two countries by face. We are all the same; we eat the same food, have the same culture and surname”.

He went on to stress that Senegambia has been always been a place of peace, growth, love and exchanging ideas.

“The Senegambia that we want is the Senegambia that our two leaders want. We want free movement of people, services and goods. This will be discussed by experts of the two governments; then the ministers, followed by the two presidents to finalize it”.

He called on Senegalese in the Gambia to respect and obey the laws of the Gambia.