World Disability Day: Social Welfare Minister on the Disability Bill

By Ousman Baldeh

As The Gambia joins the rest of the world to commemorate the World Disability Day, the Minister of Children, Women and Social Welfare, Hon. Fatou Kinteh was sat down to talk about the plight of the disable and the legal efforts by government to address the plight of the disable in the country.

She remarked: “People with disabilities are human and are Gambians, who must therefore enjoy the same rights other people are enjoying in the country”.

She said this government is committed to inclusive development and the protection of the rights and welfare of Gambian citizens regardless of status.

The minister noted that there is a lot of ongoing programmes in various sectors including schools meant to address the needs of the disable. “Not only for schools, but also those who are out there on the streets and other areas and they need help; the Government is ready to address these concerns”.


Speaking about the Disability Bill, Madam Kinteh revealed that the Bill has already been presented to the National Assembly “and as we speak the National Assembly has advanced the Bill to the sub-committees, [… after which] it will be presented at the General Assembly”.


She explained that the enactment of the Bill will be followed by formulation of strong policies and strategies, and that they will work closely with people with disabilities. “We will also be doing some mapping to come up with series of programmes to meet the challenges faced by Gambians’ with disabilities,” he asserted.


For his part, the President of the Federation of Persons with Disability Muhammad Krubally also described the Bill as very vital, and that it should not suffer anymore delay or setback at the National Assembly. He hopes that the law will guarantee fundamental rights of person with disabilities; their right to education, health, employment, among others.