On Peace Mission: CDS Drammeh Preaches Against Nepotism, Tribal Bigotry

By Kumba Leigh

As he continues his tour of military installations and relevant public institutions across the country, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Yankuba Drammeh, has been harping on the importance of peace in nation building, as well as speaking against nepotism and tribalism as root causes of many upheavals in the continent.

"Where there is war everybody is a loser. Conflict comes with repercussions - leading to the destruction of life and property. There is the need for journalist to know and ask themselves what the main cause of conflicts’’ he said, suggesting that tribalism and nepotism are the main sources of conflict in Africa. He went on: “No individual tribe stands to win in the case of conflict; thus, what is the rational of tribalism?"

Commenting on his current mission, the CDS said he felt the need to revisit armed forces centres to know the working conditions of the troops under his command, reorganise and structure armed forces, as well as promote peace. He noted the necessity of engaging governors in the drive to ensuring peace and tranquillity. He said it is up to individuals, security apparatuses, governors and other stakeholders to work together as Gambians to ensure peace and tolerance.

Speaking further to his accompanying press corps during his visit to the Office of the Governor of West Coast Region, Drammeh stressed that people should give peace a chance saying politics should not lead to dividing people, and that concerted and synergised efforts are needed to ensure peace in the country.

CDS Drammeh cautioned Gambians to be accommodating and tolerance to promote peace and ensure development because there cannot be rapid development and economic growth in the presence of conflict and war.