COVID-19 Resurgence: Ministry Issues Health Alert, Advisory

In its press release issued last week, the Ministry of Health alerted the public that The Gambia is currently experiencing a rapid increase in the number of people testing positive for COVID-19. Below is the rest of the text of the release:

“The data from this week’s situational report showed an overall 13% new case increase in comparison to the preceding week data, with significant increase in admissions.

This current trajectory is worrisome and should it continue its course, the country’s response capacity will likely be challenged which could lead to more transmissions and severe case. The public is therefore urged to take COVID-19 prevention and control measures seriously by meticulously observing social distancing, wearing of face mask, avoiding overcrowded places, avoiding handshaking, frequent hand sanitizing and washing hands with soap and clean water.

If these measures are strictly followed by all, transmission will decline and the Ministry will be in position to quickly control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Together, we could stop the spread!

For more information, please call our toll-free lines: 1025 / 2101025 / 3411025 / 9001025 / 6221025”.